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Cutting-Edge Art : Aggressive Consumption and the Consumption of Aggression.

13/01/2022 / | 2pm 7.30pm

Seminar by Andrew Hiscock: ‘Cutting-edge art: aggressive consumption and the consumption of aggression’

Ranging from antiquity to the twenty-first century, this presentation will offer insights across a host of different areas of enquiry (e.g. social theory, literature, the visual arts, philosophy) to reflect upon the different ways artists, sculptors, writers, thinkers down the ages have expressed their understanding of the world around them and stimulated audience appetites. In particular, Andrew Hiscock focuses upon the pressure of violence in the appreciation of art, literature and our everyday lives. He explores the ways in which aggression has been reviewed and reformulated by successive generations of theorists since the Second World War and how such considerations may shape the ways in which we engage with the creative industries and, indeed, the world outside our front door.


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