Position : Lecturer-Researcher
Title : Professor
CNU (National Council of Universities) section : English studies
Department : UFR
Institutional affiliation : Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3

Email : sophie.vasset (at)

Sophie Vasset is a Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies at Université Paul Valéry. Her research is at the crossroads of literature and health in eighteenth-century Britain. She is therefore working within the interdisciplinary frame of the IRCL, in between the history of health, body studies, literature and health humanities. Her monography on literature and medicine (Décrire, Prescrire, Guérir) won the SEAS/AFEA prize in 2011. She has also written on book on Smollett’s Roderick Random (2010) and her latest book, Murky Waters (MUP, 2022) explores the history and culture of mineral waters in eighteenth-century Britain. She (co-)edited many works in the health humanities (“Epidemic Notions”, Etudes Anglaises, 2022 ; Bellies Bowels and Entrails with S. Kleiman-Lafon & R. Barr, MUP, 2017) and eighteenth-century culture (The Afterlives of Used Things, with A. Fennetaux & A. Junqua). She teaching eighteenth-century British history and she has directed a drama workshop in English for twenty years.