The majority of IRCL’s research resources are housed at the Saint-Charles Library at the University of Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 Saint-Charles campus.

Operating hours for the Saint-Charles Library :

Monday–Friday, 9am – 9pm
Saturday, 9am – 5pm

IRCL’s research covers the period from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries in England and France.

Our research centre includes study facilities and a research library, and is primarily composed of postgraduate students (Master 1, Master 2, and doctoral students), lecturer-researchers, and researchers.

A classification system has been adapted in accordance with the differing media formats and topics specific to the catalog (currently estimated at about 8,000 printed volumes, 1,500 periodicals, and 30,000 titles on microfilm for the period covering 1475 to 1640 in Great Britain), along with donations, exchanges, and deposits of theses as well as subscriptions to various periodicals and online databases, collections, and resources.

Access the IRCL documents archive
  • Microfilm collection: Short Title Catalogue I
    British printed texts from 1475–1640 (about 28,000 titles), reproduced in full text
  • Collection of Thomason Tracts (the collection of the London bookseller George Thomason, built up during the English Revolution between 1640 and 1660, and now housed at the British Library). The collection is published by University Microfilms International.

The above collections may be consulted on various onsite media readers:

  • Microfilm reader-reproducer, video recorder, CD-ROM and CD player, overhead projector, and microcomputer-printer

Contact, bibliothécaire : christelle.ripoll (at) univ-montp3.fr