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| La consolation

Project leader: Claudie Martin-Ulrich

‘La consolation’ is the subject of a vast research project, which has given rise to ten study days and international conferences, the publication of a journal issue and an anthology to be published in 2022 by Belles Lettres as well as an unpublished work.

This research project on consolation covers ancient, medieval, modern, Christian, and Jewish culture, and brings together more than thirty contributors from French, German, Italian, Quebecois, Spanish, English, and Portuguese backgrounds.

| A Dictionary of Shakespeare’s Classical Mythology

Project leaders: Yves Peyré and Janice Valls-Russell

This project surveys and analyses mythological references in Shakespeare and his contemporaries. It is organised around a digital basis and features publications of critical editions of primary sources and theoretical texts.
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| French-Polish exchanges in the eighteenth century: correspondences between Madame Geoffrin and Stanislas Auguste, King of Poland

Project leader: Dominique Triaire

Together with colleagues from the University of Warsaw, project participants are publishing an edition of Madame Geoffrin’s correspondences with Stanislas Auguste, King of Poland, supported by funding obtained from the Polish National Program for the Development of Humanities.

| Inventaire de la correspondance de Beaumarchais

Project leader: Linda Gil

Ce nouveau projet d’inventaire et d’édition de la correspondance de Pierre-Augustin Caron alias Beaumarchais, mené par une équipe internationale de chercheurs, vise à donner accès à la richesse et à la diversité de l’activité et du réseau épistolaire de cet homme, artiste et penseur de premier plan de la seconde moitié du dix-huitième siècle, qui incarne le dynamisme et l’énergie des Lumières.

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| The first translations of foreign texts into French, or of French texts into other languages.

Project leaders: Valérie Maffre and Dominique Triaire

The project is equally focused on the translation of fictional work as well as of theoretical texts. The editing on these early translations is accompanied by critical studies developed during conferences and seminars.

| Theatre and pandemic: research in progress

Project leaders: Florence March, and Janice Valls-Russell

Within IRCL, the need to work on the intersection of theatre and pandemic emerged during the first weeks of March 2020, in response to the challenges posed by Covid-19 and its social, cultural, and artistic impact. This ongoing work belongs to an existing research programme on the place of the theatre, especially William Shakespeare’s, in our contemporary world – itself part of a wider area of research for IRCL, ‘Field 3: The contemporary global dynamics of heritage’.

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